About Us

Codex Technologies is not just like other website company whose job is to get a design for you and make it available on the internet flow. We see our projects as our babies and we nurture them as our own. Like with a baby you don’t leave it after it has given birth; you help him walk and then settle i.e. what we do with our projects. We give our clients a 360 degree view and consultation about their websites work. We also help our clients with their branding and communication problems. We guide them through the rights and wrongs of the market and its up-to them to take or leave our advice (PS: they generally take our advice and they succeed). We our always present for our clients on a 24×7 basis and offer a complete package of effective marketing strategies and creative services to craft a strong online brand presence for your company. We keep our clients up to date on technology or as they say what’s ‘IN’ on the web front. We kick it old school but also use generation next ideas to our projects that make them interesting for users of all ages and backgrounds. With Codex Technologies, you will experience an exceptional level of personal service and flexibility, we keep ourselves and our clients on their toes always to strive for perfection .